An ongoing NATSIEC project is to promote discussion about Indigenous spirituality and theology. We must remember that just as there are many denominations in Australia, there are many different ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders express their relationship to God, the land and other people. Indigenous theology continues to grow.  NATSIEC hopes that this project will provide resources to help people to come to a deeper understanding of Indigenous spirituality and for the first peoples of this land to share their faith.

To advance dialogue in this area, the Commission has agreed on the following aims:

  • To educate themselves in this area. This will entail inviting speakers into their meetings to give presentations on some current thinking in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Contextual Theology.
  • To educate the wider community on Indigenous spirituality and Theology.
  • To develop theological responses to the key issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, enabling a deeper engagement with the wider community from the perspective of Christian faith.
  • Produce resources in this area, including books, liturgies and prayers.

NATSIEC currently meets these aims through:

  • Munguddor Bi Buya – a theological think tank which organises retreats for Indigenous theological thinkers to come together and address issues of theological importance as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christians.
  • Christ and Culture Conferences – held biannually, these conferences explore Indigenous expressions of their relationship to God and their ministries within the context of being Indigenous.
  • Producing resources such as prayer materials, think pieces and other resources.

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