Thursday 11th March

Readings:              Lk 11:14-23

Pray for:                The peoples and needs of Palm Island

Reflection:            ‘I said when I was on Palm Island almost two weeks ago that the Palm Island Catholic community is the most important parish community in the diocese. I am not sure if all those who heard me understood why I said that. It was because the Palm Island Catholic community and the larger community of Palm Island are the communities experiencing the greatest pain in our diocese at the moment, and where there is pain there is Jesus Christ. Where there is the greatest pain he is most powerfully present and where Jesus is most powerfully, there is the centre of our diocese…

Our world is imperfect, all our programs and initiatives are imperfect, but this must not stop us. The worst possible outcome of this present crisis would be that we would give up trying because of it. No matter how imperfect our world and how much we have to deal with and put up with and live with, no matter who we are, indigenous or not, we must never give up. We have no right to give up because Christ has set us free and Christ has won the victory.’

Bishop Michael Putney, Homily at Mass for Reconciliation 14 Dec 2004, shortly after the death of Cameron Doomadgee in police custody.