On Friday night a new campaign to end Indigenous disadvantage called GenerationOne launched in Sydney. The ‘movement’ is driven by Andrew and Nicola Forrest and supported by other business leaders such as James Packer, Kerry Stokes and Lindsay Fox.  There was certainly a great deal of enthusiasm and energy evident on Friday (not to mention a huge budget!) and we hope that this new initiative does achieve real and practical outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. You can watch the launch video at http://live.generationone.org.au/media

According to the GenerationOne website, “Australians are unified around a desire to ensure that this is the last generation to suffer Indigenous disparity. GenerationOne is the place for Australians to release their passion, in three main areas: education, jobs and job-ready training. GenerationOne is a real partnership for ALL Australians to participate in. It is non-partisan and will listen to any and all contributions that can help break the poverty traps, in our generation.GenerationOne provides the opportunity for those who are already active to do more, and for those who have never participated in a campaign to play a simple role in achieving real change.”

You can sign up to support GenerationOne at their website http://live.generationone.org.au/about